10 Fashionable Ways To Style Your Maangtikka

Maang tikkas are traditionally worn as a part of bridal jewellery. You can never imagine an Indian bride without a Maang tikka. However, we have so many fresh and beautiful choices on the market. These options can make anybody wear this stunning hairpiece for festivals and celebrations without feeling out of place. You can find them in almost every size and shape, including the layers.

  1. Tiara Maang Tikka

This ultra-stylish bride's tiara-style maang tikka rests royally on your hat, giving you a one-of-a-kind appearance. As the name suggests, the crown-like appearance flaunts the entire look. Tiara maang tikka is a very modern version of traditional maang tikkas. It's unique nature makes it one of the hottest and top liked maang tikkas among women.

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  1. Tear-drop Maang Tikka

Teardrop shapes have a special bond with the jewellery. These iconic drop shapes are one of the most lovable shapes in every kind of jewellery. Tear-drop maang tikkas are those special types that will suit well with tear drop earrings, bangles, necklaces. These maang tikkas highlight small faces with close-set features. You will love the bliss of the traditional novel look. 

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  1. Borla Maang Tikka

Everyone can instantly recognize this style. Of course, Aishwarya Roy Bachan has made a significant stance with these maang styles in the film "Jodha Akbar". Borla styled maang tikkas are the classic Rajasthani, Haryana statement styles long used for centuries. They usually have a very peculiar shape that is embellished with beads and precious stones. 

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  1. Matha Patti designs 

Matha pattis generally have a heavier bridal design and appeal, while maang tikkas have a more minimalist look. These are also called "Hairline huggers" are worn higher than usual, just hugging the hairline. The brides heavily love these as they draw attention to her eyes and facial features.

Here is a stunning collection of matha patti designs you can look for. 

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  1. Layered Maang Tikka styles 

If you have a bold sense of style, this is the one for you. Layered Maang Tikka is a decorative item with several strings that can be attached to both sides of the head. It enhances the appeal of facial features and looks stunning on brides with a wide forehead. Every layer has Kundan work and stones, which adds to the overall beauty.


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  1. Jhoomar 

This affluent style of Maang Tikka is very ancient yet popular for its exquisite style. Although the traditional style of maang tikka that Muslim Brides wear, the times have changed, and people from all walks of life now adore this opulent piece of jewellery. There are several models to choose from in this style, including large fan-shaped designs and triangular designs. You can check out the best of the Jhoomars here. 

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  1. Chaand Tikka 

Every bride glows as beautiful as a moon, and adding a classic design of Chaand on the forehead will make the entire look even more fabulous. Beautiful pearl and polki accents are popularly featured in these, adding charm to traditional mehndi and wedding looks. Check out the exquisite collection of Chaand Tikka designs at ijewels now. 

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  1. South Indian Style Maang Tikka 

At their weddings, South Indian brides usually wear a silk sari. This outfit looks great with a gold matha patti encrusted with red, green, and white stones. South Indian style Maang Tikkas have gold embossed with beautiful stones that flaunt the bride's entire look. These styles are now being paired with Lehengas and ghagras. 

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  1. Detailed Matha Patti

If you prefer plain neck jewellery for your occasion, an informative matha Patti can be worn to make up for it. It draws attention to the features of the face and enhances your beauty. It's the ideal complement to a solid, independent personality. You can check more exquisite designs of detailed matha pattis at i jewels!! 

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  1. Minimal Maang Tikkas

If you don't want to be weighed down by heavy jewellery on your special day, opt for these plain, light designer maang tikkas. This dainty maang tikka, with its nod to tradition, will work well for you to keep things simple yet elegant on a knock. 

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With all-new styles and designs of Maang Tikkas, you pick your favourite size and opulence based on the occasion. You can both keep things simple and stunning with petite models and at the same time flaunt your look with bold signs with bold ones!!

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