50 gm, 999 Purity Enamel Radha Krishna with Deer Silver Precious Coin (ZK-50)

SKU: ZK - 50

Rs. 3,599
  • I Jewels presents this 50 Grams Radha Krishna Silver Precious Coin.
  • With Krishna, Radha is acknowledged as the Supreme Goddess, for it is said that Krishna or God is only satiated by devotional service in loving servitude and Radha is the personification of devotional service to the supreme. She is also considered in Vaishnavism as the total feminine energy and also as the Supreme Lakshmi (Adi-Lakshmi). Various devotees worship her with the understanding of her merciful nature as the only way to attain Krishna. Radha is also depicted to be Krishna himself, split into two, for the purpose of His enjoyment.
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