Velvet Red Rose Jewellery Ring Box (Gift, Engagement) Single Box Without Ring (S001

SKU: S001

Rs. 249 Rs. 1,499

The product doesn't include ring!

A special way for you to display the ring for her! SUPRISE and ROMANTIC. The red rose ring box with faux leaves for decoration,see photo,It must be a wise choice to purchase it for LOVER! The box is elegantly shaped in the form of a rose with beautifully unfurled petals that are distinct in shape and design. When the box is closed, it looks like a perfectly shaped rose.The box boasts an elegant velvet finish which adds more class and sophistication to your gift. The velvet material is soft to the touch and it makes the box look decadent and expensive. The box comes with a stem and leaves to add more authenticity to the replication of a beautiful red rose. The velvet finish offers a decadent and luxurious look which will make your gift seem more unique. The soft material inside securely houses the ring and keeps it safe from damage. The box is perfect for gifting a ring to your loved one.

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