5 Unique ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan - Go out of the regular

What do you do on Raksha Bandhan every year? Of course, it is the celebration of tying the most auspicious thread and the rituals that follow ahead. But, are you celebrating it the same every year? Your raksha bandhan need not be the same every time. You can make a swirl this year with unique ideas that can allow you to have a memorable yet safe, homely celebration. 

These five great suggestions will undoubtedly assist you in expressing your affection for your brother in a unique way. Check them for this season of Rakshabandhan. 

#1. Decorating home with props and pictures 

Home decor can give your home a new and surprising look. Just pick easy and simple paper props, lights and candles along with the pictures of you and your brother. You can decorate a part of your house or the whole house of your interest. Try collecting the craziest and funniest pictures of your siblings to tease them with all your might on this special day. 

#2. Walkthrough your memory lane with your precious childhood recollections

You have endless memories together. Whether it is playing together, teasing each other, pulling legs or fighting over chocolates, you have a list that can fill in your family with smiles. Take a walk through your memory lane with all your childhood mastis. Talk about your crimes and how you handled being caught, how you stole sweets and chocolates from each other. After all, this day is all about your love over the years. 

#3. Surprise your siblings with unexpected gifts

We know what most of the brothers give their sisters on Raksha Bandhan. They either opt for chocolates or technology or the easy "shagun ka lifafa". But this time, try something new that can take your sisters by surprise. Give them unexpected gifts that they never thought you would. Special care is what they love to have from you on this day. 

#4. Cook each other's favourite dishes 

Food is the most important culprit to cause fights among siblings. You steal each other's favourites and end up arguing and fighting for the same. Remembering all the childhood quarrels, you can actually prepare your siblings' favourite dishes and have fun dining together.

#5. Celebrate the occasion with jewellery

Sparkle up your occasion with shining jewellery. Yes, having jewellery included in your celebrations will automatically change the aura of the vibes. It can be a gift that brothers are presenting to their sisters, or it can be the gleaming rakhis that are to be tied. The whole festival feels good with traditional elegance.


We hope you find a way out to celebrate your special day with your unique ideas. Make your day more memorable with smiles and giggles from your siblings!!

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