What does your jewellery tell about your personality!

People say, "You don't get a second chance to make the first impression." After all, the first impression must be very special to leave a mark about you to others. But have you ever wondered how your accessories could say about you to strangers? 

Your choice of jewellery reveals a lot about your personality. Not just that, but it also reveals information about your nature and comfort. Though personality is a tricky matter, jewellery is a medium that you can use to communicate who you are to others.

Here's a unique collection of personality types focused on various jewellery designs!!

  1. The shy and modest one

Simple pendants and small earrings portray confidence and are not-so-particular about the way you look. Traditionalists and family-based individuals make up a large portion of this community. It also indicates you prefer a quiet get-together with close friends to a night out in the town. 

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  1. The impact maker

There might be an instance where you need to grab all the eyes on you. A massive gold collar necklace or a chunky giant diamond ring transforms and makes an intriguing entrance for you. When it's time to stand out, you can simply reach for your statement pieces.

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  1. The fun-loving 

Do you want to give an impression of love for life as an active, social and bubbly person? Then you must pick large pieces such as thick dangling necklaces, oversized hoop earrings, or extravagant rings. Adding a lot of colours is a definite add on to carry off a bright smile!! 

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  1. The Professional look 

If you are planning to make a professional impression for your viewers, you can colour-coordinate matching jewellery sets to your attire. It is an easy way to stay outright with your outfit. Many professionals like to wear colour-coordinated jewellery, which is understandable. Wearing a complete collection of pearl jewellery communicates to others that you value their views and are someone who is often sought out for guidance.

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  1. The Natural responsibility 

Nature enthusiasts generally prefer turquoise earrings, bangle bracelets, and sea glass or shell necklaces made from recycled materials. You can portray the joy and feel for the planet, and it is full of life. This also highlights the natural responsibility you hold towards nature. 

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Now you know what people think of your earrings, how they see your jewellery, and what message your favourite jewellery could be sending. Pick the tone you wish to set through your jewellery and make amusing first impressions and lasting impressions!!

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