Maanav Kundan Necklace


Rs. 1,299 Rs. 1,559

A "mala" typically refers to a string of beads or a garland used for prayer or meditation purposes in various religious and spiritual traditions, including Hinduism. When it comes to a "necklace mala" for a Ganpati (Ganesha) idol, it usually refers to a decorative garland or string of beads that is adorned around the neck of the idol as a form of offering and adornment. A necklace mala for a Ganpati idol is crafted with intricate attention to detail and symbolism. 

We Recommended Sizes of Mala For Ganpati Murti :

  • 1.5FT = 10 Inch
  • 2.5FT = 12 Inch
  • 3.5FT = 14 Inch

MATERIAL: Zinc Alloy, 18K Gold Plating

SHIPPING: Ships within 2 working days from the warehouse & takes approximately 5-7 days for the delivery depending on the delivery location.


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